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While so many events have been cancelled or postponed due to the covid-19 pandemic, our calendar features webinars and other events currently available. As global conferences are rescheduled, we will feature the most comprehensive list of nanotechnology events on the net, thanks to the generous colaboration with our friend and collegue, Dr. Denis Koltsov of BREC - (Subscribe to his newsletter for standardisation, regulation and innovation in nanotechnology industry).

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Tech Blick Online:  Graphene, CNTs & 2D Materials

26th April 2022 @ 8:00 am - 27th April 2022 @ 5:00 pm

Tech Blick Online conference – “Graphene, CNTs & 2D Materials: Users, Applications, Major Producers & Start Ups” takes place 26-27 April, 2022.

This is a world-class event, bringing together end users and application developers, manufacturers, promising start-ups, as well as renowned venture capitalists. This is an unparalleled opportunity to truly network with your industry peers, partners, and customers from around the world.

Uniquely in the field, this event is focused on commercial applications, industrialization progress, and commercially impactful technical innovations. This contrasts with all other events in the field which typically focus only on academic research.

The carefully curated and balanced agenda highlights the full spectrum of target applications for graphene, 2D materials, and carbon nanotubes, covering energy storage, textiles, bio or gas sensing, displays, shielding, electronics, filtration, anti-corrosion, cement, concrete, and plastic additives, audio transducers, and more.

Furthermore, the event focuses not just on graphene and 2D materials, but also on different types of carbon nanotubes, fullerenes, and other advanced nanocarbons, which is a growing commercial success in diverse fields.

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Tuesday | 26 April |Content will also be available on-demand as part of our library after the event.

Full Agenda

CET       Central European Times (CET).

2:30pm   TechBlick | Welcome & Introduction

2:40pm   Ceylon Graphite | Graphite and Graphene additive Anode Li-B Technology

3:03pm   NanoXplore | First Canadian Gigafactory with Graphene-Silicon Anodes

3:26pm   Sixonia Tech GmbH | In-Situ At-Scale Functionalization Towards Few-Layer Graphenes Without Additives: For Batteries, Textiles and Beyond

3:49pm   Chasm Advanced Materials | Cabon Nanotubes/Graphene Hybrids: Drop-in Technology to Higher Capacity and Lower Discharge Rates in Li-Ion Batteries

4.12pm Networking Break – Meet The Speakers

4:32pm   GRIP Molecular Technologies | Ultrasensitive, Rapid, and Multiplexed Label-Free Detection of Proteins Using Graphene Field Effect Transistors

4:55pm   SmartIR | Adaptive Graphene Devices

5:25pm   General Graphene Corp | Industrial Scale-Up of R2R CVD Graphene Growth and Transfer: Process and Application Review

5:55pm   GraphAudio | Manufacturing Graphene Transducers

6:18pm   Atrago | Graphene displays for AR/VR/HUD applications

6.58pm Networking Break – Meet The Speakers

7:18pm   U.S. Army ERDC | Targeted Opportunities for Graphene Enhanced Water Infrastructure and Structural Assets

7:41pm   Micro Powder Inc | Novel Graphene Composite Powder Alternatives to Dispersions

8:04pm   Ford | Graphene in Cars: GnP Enhanced Polyurethane Foams and Beyond

8:27pm   Phoenix Venture Partners | Opportunities & Challenges in 2D Materials Investment

8.50pm Networking Break – Meet The Speakers

9:20pm   Graphene-XT | Graphene as a Key Element for Textile Sustainability


Wednesday| 27 April |Content will also be available on-demand as part of our library after the event.

CET Central European Times (CET)

2:30pm   Laminar | Taylor Reactor of High Purity Graphene and CNT Synthesis

2:55pm   Nanograph | Pushing the Limits of Commercial Cell Energy Density with Graphene-Silicon Composite Material

3:18pm   Graphenenix | 100% Silicon Anodes Paired with CNT Enabled Cathodes for High Energy, High Power, and 15 Minute Fast Charging Li-ion Battery Chemistry

3:41pm   Volexion | Conformal Pristine Graphene Encapsulation for High-Performance Li-ion materials

4:04pm   COnovate | Solid Carbon Monoxide: Unique Properties Extend Li-Ion Battery Cycle Life

4:27pm Networking Break – Meet The Speakers

4:47pm   Levidian | Sustainable Graphene: Converting Gas Suppliers into Graphene and Hydrogen

5:10pm   Universal Matter | Graphene in a Flash: Converting Trash into High-Quality Graphene in Seconds Using Pulse Light

5:40pm   MITO Materials Solutions | Graphene Functionalization

6:00pm   Graphene One | Presentation

6:26pm Networking Break – Meet The Speakers

6:46pm Carbonova | Sustainable Carbon Nanofibers: Recycling greenhouse gases to produce high-value products

7:09pm   DexMat | Conductive Carbon Nanotube Threads and Fabrics for Wearables and Smart Textiles

7:32pm   C12 Quantum Electronics | Building Scalable and Ultra-Coherent Quantum Computers with Carbon Nanotubes

7:55pm   Nantero | Carbon Nanotubes for Electronics: from Lab to Fab

8:18pm   Nano-C | CNTs and Fullerence: Platform Materials for Ultrasensitive Gas Sensors

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