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Graphene Cycling Lubricant

Graphene cycling lubricant featured on Tom Whalley - pictured here- in his podcast The Cycling Podcast

Graphene cycling lubricant was the product which captured the attention of Tom Whalley as he was reading through Cycling News. One of eleven presenters for The Cycling Podcast, Ltd. last year Tom interviewed Nixene Journal Editor-in-Chief Adrian Nixon as well as CEO Graphene@Manchester, James Baker. So he was quick to contact Adrian to verify the marketing with science, to see if there is another verifiable graphene-enhanced product, beyond bicycle tyres.

Tom sent Adrian an email inquiry regarding the new graphene chain lubricant from Absolute Black. Cycling News website featured an article about the product making huge longevity and efficiency claims.

Here is their conversation and subsequent podcast, also captured on video.

Adrian: Hi Tom, good to hear from you, hope all is well.  I can imagine your audience figures will have been rising with a locked down audience. You have a scoop on me, I was not aware of this one thanks for flagging it up.  I have put out some feelers to see if we can get any more information on this.

Tom: Good stuff. Only need a 5 minute bit on the science. I basically want to do bits on graphene whenever we can.


Tom Whalley is a multiple-award winning freelance audio producer of nearly a dozen programs with over 15 years experience. He is available on a freelance basis for all Audio Production jobs. In his spare time, Tom is likely out riding or racing bikes. He also has a toddler and some cats.

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