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Team Nixene

We specialise in graphene and 2D materials

The Nixene Publishing Team is comprised of people experienced in the world of industry and fascinated by science. Our team constantly monitors this rapidly evolving technology.

Our goal is to produce premium publications which provide accurate information about graphene and insights into research in our publications. We take pride in creating the best information source for busy people.

We are very busy decision-makers ourselves, who enjoy running businesses. Nixene Publishing team understands the needs of senior people who need to steer their organisations.

We are confident you will find our elite products informative, usable and valuable.

Our Advisory Board has been a behind the scenes, providing valuable insight as the company grows. Their expertise is unrivaled and brings essential perspective to what we do. The advisory board members are: Chris Bentley, Mike Maddock, Mike Nelson, Ravi Sundaram, Linda Walmsley, Sue White, and Sarah Wilson.

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Adrian Nixon

Adrian Nixon



Debbie Nelson editor

Debbie Nelson

Contributing Editor & Project Manager


Rob Whieldon

Rob Whieldon



Neil Moon

Neil Moon



Nigel Cliffe

Nigel Cliffe



Joanna Whitehead Design

Joanna Whitehead

Graphic Design & Print Management