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Graphene Commercialisation Report

Global overview of the “who, what and where” of graphene-enhanced products.

Rob Whieldon

Rob Whieldon, Operations Director

Adrian Nixon also known as Captain Graphene

Adrian Nixon “Captain Graphene” Editor-in-Chief

Nigel Cliffe - Value Exchange UK

Nigel Cliffe, Marketing and Communications Director

Webinars & Workshops

Whether speaking individually or providing a team presentation, event attendees will benefit from the Nixene team expertise, presented in a relatable, clear and concise way.

The team has also served in judging graphene-related competitions such as the 1st Annual Graphene Hackathon at the GEIC in Manchester.

Every presentation is memorable and engaging, as evidenced by the feedback featured below.

Team Nixene: Our people have a unique blend of scientific, industrial and academic expertise.

We know what we are doing and we do it well.

Richard Kershaw – Innovation Programme Manager – Yorkshire Water

Thanks to Rob Whieldon, Adrian Nixon, Nic Gowland, and James Baker for hosting our team at The University of Manchester Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre – GEIC. It was a fantastic day and were really looking forward to testing out some of the opportunities that Graphene presents for the water industry.

Richard Kershaw
Innovation Programme Manager - Yorkshire Water

Steve Griffiths – Senior VP R&D – Khalifa University

The special edition of the Nixene Journal provided an excellent introduction to cutting-edge applications of graphene and other 2D-materials in the sectors of relevance to Abu Dhabi and the UAE. The publication further illustrated the aligned interests of the UAE and Manchester in the field of advanced materials.

Steve Griffiths
Senior VP R&D - Khalifa University

Dr. Nigel Salter

Adrian Nixon and his team at Nixene Publishing have a very good grip on what is happening in the world of 2D materials globally and are often able to break new stories. They run excellent workshops, which are a great format for all your people to discuss the latest state of play with graphene and some of the novel products and applications that are nearing commercial launch. As a commentator with no immediate vested interest, Adrian is an excellent source of unbiased information.

- Dr. Nigel Salter

James Baker – CEO – Graphene@Manchester

I am pleased to be working with the Nixene Journal, one of our GEIC Affiliate Partners. We have used the Nixene Journal at a number of our events including during the Abu Dhabi “Sustainability Week” events and exhibitions, as well as supporting some specific editions. It is a great source of information, highlighting the numerous and variety of developments of graphene and 2D materials science, products and applications.

James Baker
CEO - Graphene@Manchester

Debbie Mielewski – Senior Technical Leader of Materials Sustainability, Ford Motor Company

I wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying and valuing the Nixene Journal! We have found many inspirational findings and thoughts in the content, and the format allows us to keep up with global progress. It is helping us to target our research and find valuable contacts. Thank you so much for putting this journal together! I love it!

Debbie Mielewski
Senior Technical Leader of Materials Sustainability, Ford Motor Company

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