We specialise in the world of graphene and two dimensional (2D) materials

Nixene Publishing creates information products for the emerging graphene and other two dimensional materials market.

Our premium information products began as a private research project to create information and understanding about the emerging world of graphene and other two dimensional (2D) materials.

      • 2013:    14,600  graphene academic papers reported by Science Direct
      • 2017:    25,000  academic papers according to Nixene Publishing
      • 2019:  127,546  graphene journal publications listed on Cornell University’s digital archive for electronic preprints of scientific papers

Our project quickly became a significant regular undertaking as the pace of development activity increased. Nixene Publishing emerged a world leader in clear, concise graphene and 2D material communication.

We publish two core products.  Our top quality, premium information products can be tailored to provide a source of competitive advantage in this fast moving world as graphene moves from hype to reality.

premium information products relating to graphene and 2D materials

Nixene Journal 
Provides decision makers with up to date knowledge and information about the fast moving technology and business aspects of the world of graphene. Special Editions tailored to topic or industry available upon request .  Special Issue Topics are new this year, available for purchase in April.

premium information products relating to graphene and 2D materials

 Nixene Journal
Manufacturing Report
This provides the global overview of who is making graphene-enhanced products and where they are located. Content is updated regularly. Contact us for more information.

We offer webinars, presentations and workshops and more.
  Led by one of our team members, primarily Nixene Publishing Director, Rob Whieldon and Adrian Nixon, fondly known as Captain Graphene. Listeners will enjoy their expertise presented in a relatable, clear and concise way. Nixene Publishing webinars,  presentations and workshops are engaging and memorable.

Our people have a unique blend of scientific, industrial and academic expertise.

We know what we are doing and we do it well. Please explore this site and discover more about our capability.