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Space Elevator Webinar : “How Space Elevators Work: Physics Concepts”

17th July 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Space Elevator Webinar : “How Space Elevators Work: Physics Concepts” is sponsored by the International Space Elevator Consortium


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Dennis Wright, ISEC Vice President and nuclear and high energy physicist formerly with the Stanford Linear Accelerator, will discuss the physics of space elevators, their motions, their stability and the effects of their physical environment.

Space Elevator Webinar Date and Times

Start.. Fri, 17 Jul 2020 14:00 UTC
End… Fri, 17 Jul 2020 15:00 UTC

Local Start.. Fri Jul 17 2020 09:00 (Central Daylight Time)
Local End… Fri Jul 17 2020 10:00 (Central Daylight Time)

The International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) is composed of individuals and organizations from around the world who share a vision of humanity in space. Our vision: A world with inexpensive, safe, routine, and efficient access to space for the benefit of all mankind.


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Galactic Harbours will Unify Transportation and Enterprise

The Galactic Harbour will be the volume encompassing the Earth Port and stretching up in a series of cylinders to include two tethers and the region just beyond the Apex Anchors.

In summary, customer product/payloads will enter the Galactic Harbour at the Earth Port and exit at some point along the tether. Along the way, there will be tremendous enterprise development such as easy assembly at GEO, refueling operational satellites and construction, among other things, and release from the Apex Anchor for trips to interplanetary destinations.

What is a Space Elevator?

A  Space Elevator (SE) can be thought of as a vertical railroad into space.

  • A tether (cable) stretches from the ground to an Apex Anchor (counterweight) 100,000 km up/out in space.
  • Elevator cars (tether climbers), powered by electricity travel up and down the tether and carry cargo and eventually humans to and from space.
  • The space elevator is the most promising transportation infrastructure on the drawing boards today, combining scalability, low cost, quality of ride, massive payload throughput and safety to deliver truly commercial-grade space access – practically comparable to a train ride into space.
  • The massive movement capability as well as the low cost ensure that the infrastructure approach is “right.”


International Space Elevator Consortium
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