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Space Elevator Architecture Engineering: ISEC Webinar

28th August 2020 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am

Appropriate Space Access Architecture for Mars Space elevator image

ISEC Webinar on 28th August : “Architecture Engineering for the Space Elevator”

Dates and Times

Start.. Fri, 17 Jul 2020 14:00 UTC
End… Fri, 17 Jul 2020 15:00 UTC

Local Start.. Fri Jul 17 2020 09:00 (Central Daylight Time)
Local End… Fri Jul 17 2020 10:00 (Central Daylight Time)

Larger in scope than even a system of systems, the plan has progressive segments which guide project chiefs in the development of their respective systems, yet it is flexible enough to allow the inevitable changes brought about by new ideas and advances in technology.

For those of us used to working on projects of smaller scope, this talk will likely re-adjust your thinking.  Hence, there will be ample time for questions after the talk.


  • The International Space Elevator Consortium (ISEC) promotes the development, construction and operation of a Space Elevator (SE) Infrastructure as a revolutionary and efficient way to space for all humanity. ISEC is made up of individuals and organizations from all around the world who share a vision of mankind in space.


  • Competitions – ISEC has a history of actively supporting competitions that push technologies in the area of space elevators.  The initial activities were centered on NASA’s Centennial Challenges called “Elevator: 2010.”

    • Inside this were two specific challenges: Tether Challenge and Beam Power Challenge.

      • The highlight was when Laser Motive won $900,000, in 2009, as they reached one kilometer in altitude racing other teams up a tether suspended from a helicopter.

    • There were also multiple competitions where different strengths of materials were tested going for a NASA prize – with no winners.
    • In addition, ISEC supports educational efforts of various organizations, such as the LEGO space elevator climb competition, at our Seattle conference.
    • Competitions have also been conducted in both Japan and Europe.
  • Conferences began in 2012,  sponsored by Microsoft, Seattle Museum of Flight, Space Elevator Blog, Leeward Space Foundation, and ISEC.



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