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Global Graphene Group EV Battery Webinar

8th October 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm

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Global Graphene Group (G 3) is holding a free webinar on Thursday, October 8 at 2 p.m. Eastern to discuss

  • their new US Patent in-line with leading EV OEM technical solution roadmaps
  • silicon anodes which will drive significant improvements in lithium-ion batteries
  • other battery technologies for EVs
  • the direction of the EV battery market

Registration is open for the webinar online:

G3 Elastic polymer-coated Si -9-30-20

G 3 has:

  • developed the anode materials that precisely meet battery requirements for next-
    generation EV batteries as outlined by the industry.
  • innovative battery solutions which start with silicon and stabilize it with an elastic, ion-conducting polymer that integrates into the electrode with an elastic binder.

G 3 ’s expansion supports the industry’s need for better battery solutions recently discussed by a leading EV OEM.

  1. The most commonly used material for lithium-ion batteries today is graphite.
  2. However, graphite can only store lithium up to 372 mAh/g during a battery charge.
  3. In contrast, silicon (Si) can store lithium up to an amount of 4200 mAh/g), significantly increasing energy density.
  4. G 3 ’s patent for its elastomer-encapsulated particles of high-capacity anode active materials for lithium batteries (US Patent No. 10,734,642 (08/04/2020)) covers essentially any high-elasticity and ion-conducting polymer for lithium-ion battery anode applications.

Recently, industry leaders stated that the anode material cost could be dropped to $1.20 a kilowatt hour by using new surface stabilization and elastic binder approaches (88% reduction in the anode material cost).

G 3  has the most significant intellectual properties (IPs) in high-capacity anode materials with 80+ US patents (issued or pending), 35 of which are specifically directed at elastic ion-conducting polymer coatings and binders.

Industry-leading EV OEMs indicate elastic and ion-conducting polymer-encapsulated Si technology will be needed to drive EV battery technology that will lower cost and provide higher energy density, extending the EV driving range by 20%.

G 3 ’s innovative Si anodes can deliver this and more today as a drop-in technology.

Furthermore, Global Graphene Group ’s entire suite of battery-enabling technologies can deliver driving range improvements of 50-100% at significant cost savings.

“G3’s Si-anode technology meet these criteria,” said Dr. Bor Jang, G3 CEO and co-founder. “Recent announcements by EV OEM’s validate that G3’s Si-anode solutions will be a key enabler for next-generation EV batteries. Our team is excited that the EV industry is focused on the same critical path as we see as foundational using Si-anode improving EV batteries.”

“Electric vehicles will continue to grow global market share over the next decade,” said Adam Quirk, G3 VP of Business Development. “Our EV battery technology, including Si-anode, are very attractive to EV manufacturers. It’s a drop-in solution that can easily be incorporated into existing manufacturing processes. We are engaged with many top-tier OEMs who are now validating our solutions.”

G 3  is actively seeking to establish partnerships for expanding manufacturing capacity of its advanced anode materials.




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