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71st IAC2020 CyberSpace Edition 

12th October 2020 @ 2:00 pm - 14th October 2020 @ 10:00 pm

71st IAC2020 CyberSpace

71st IAC2020 CyberSpace Edition (International Astronautical Congress)  will be held   –

This session will be open to all on-line, free of charge.


IPC members

  • Co-Chair: Dr. Peter Swan, ISEC, US

  • Co-Chair: Dr. Yoji Ishikawa, Obayashi Corporation, Japan

  • Rapporteur: Dr. John Knapman, ISEC, UK

Session Description:   Upon publishing the International Academy of Astronautics four-year study entitled “Road to the Space Elevator Era,” members of the study see the future a little brighter. The purpose of this study (published Spring 2019) was to assess the critical technological issues and general questions and then present assessments to the Academy to ensure that the topic has been approached with expertise and curiosity. Now the challenge is to initiate appropriate programs, tests, and research to truly enter the Space Elevator Era. This session will discuss the efforts around the world ensuring that the results of the study are incorporated into the engineering and development plans. The invitation is open to show the test results and experimentation results that will indeed lead to space elevators.

  1. Fast Transit to Interplanetary Destinations   by Dr Pete Swan (ISEC, US)

  2. Experimental Study on Heavy Load Climber Applying Hybrid Roller Mechanism for Small Manned Space Elevator by Ms Momoe Terata (Shonan IoT, Japan) + others

  3. Three-dimensional analysis of a counterweight type space elevator   by Mr Taiki Okino (Shizuoka Uni, Japan) + others

  4. Beneficial Environmental Impacts of Space Elevators by the study group led by Dr Jerry Eddy (ISEC, US) & Dr Pete Swan

  5. A rod model for the extension analysis of convex tethers by Mr Kaishu Yokota (Nihon Uni, Japan) + others

 If you have IAF access the latest paper status can be found by following this link.

Each contributor will provide an eight-minute video, paper and presentation

For general information on IAC-2020 follow this link



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