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Things are moving faster in the world of graphene and 2D materials. While creating this issue we have had to revisit the analysis of the investment in graphene applications companies around the world. In just three months this view needs updating.

Our latest survey is the special feature in this issue. We have removed references to investments that have yet to be fulfilled and added the latest announcements that we can back up with references. We have discovered that since 2020 private investors and governments have invested more than $1.3 billion dollars in graphene applications companies. There are five applications areas that seem to be popular and given the huge amounts of investment involved, these could become the application markets of the future for graphene powders.

One of these applications markets is in computer hardware. A new spinout company in Germany has developed chemical vapour deposition (CVD) graphene that can be placed on the connectors of computer chips. The graphene changes electric current into light pulses and back again. This means processing chips can be connected by light rather than electricity and this has the potential to speed up processing speeds by up to 1000 times with big energy savings. Making the graphene requires high quality with no metal residues and this doesn’t come cheap. Small wonder that the series A funding for this project is €254.5 million euros.

China features in four articles in this issue. The most eye-catching announcement was the discovery by Chinese scientists of graphene in samples of moondust brought back by the Chang’e-5 mission in December 2020.
China’s latest moon mission has also been a big success with the Chang’e-6 mission returning from the far side of the moon with more samples of Lunar material.

Then, the man behind these successful Moon missions has just turned up in Sri Lanka signing a deal on behalf of China’s Deep Space Exploration Laboratory (DSEL). China is working on a range of projects, one of which is exploring the use of graphene as a material for the space elevator. Fascinating stuff.

As usual there is much more fascinating content in yet another packed issue, so please read on, dear reader

Adrian Nixon
1st July 2024