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Vol 6 Issue 1



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The start of a new year is a traditional time to take a forward view. In this issue, we explore some of the future trends that could affect the graphene powder manufacturers. The whole market is beginning to pivot from a technology push to a market pull as the benefits of graphene powder additives start to be realised by more potential customers. This will create a market dynamic that will cause a shakeout that makes some of the existing suppliers evolve into applications specialists or even exit the market. This has not happened yet.

Companies that have declared interests in electric vehicle batteries are attracting more investor interest. Even though the benefits of graphene are minimal, the EV market is something investors understand. Gratomic in Canada has increased its share offering to $27m this month, and Direct Plus in Italy is in the process of raising £7m ($9.5m) through the issue of new shares to investors.

Keeping with the battery theme, GMG has commissioned its pilot production line in Australia. The production line is making coin cell batteries using its aluminium-ion technology rather than lithium-ion technology. An additional pilot line for making pouch cells is planned for the first half of 2022.

More activity has been noted in Canada, this time from GIT Inc. The company has announced a significant trial of its anti-fouling marine paint on nine ships of varying classes.

In the UK, a start-up company, Perfect Sense AQ Ltd, has won a European innovation prize for its air quality pin sensor badge. A remarkable point to note is that the CEO is a young lady, 14 years of age and still at school.

The research output continues to surprise and impress. In this issue, we summarise work ranging from the pollution control of mining wastewater to a new targeted treatment for breast cancer. In China, a team has used a graphene polymer composite to improve the sound absorption of novel building materials.

As usual this issue is packed with many more fascinating developments, so I encourage you to read on and explore.

Adrian Nixon,

1st January 2022