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2024 is the twentieth anniversary of the isolation of graphene. Or to put it another way, graphene is 20 years old this year. This journal is in its eighth year of monthly issues and to mark these events we have refreshed the look and feel of the journal.

The Graphene Flagship, the €1 Billion European Union project has come to the end of its ten-year lifespan and published a report of its achievements. These include important foundational work establishing the non-toxicity of graphene and building a continent-wide network of experts in academia and industry. The academic legacy is clear, the industrial outputs will take more time to clarify.

Elsewhere important developments are taking place. On the high seas Stolt-Nielsen, one of the world’s leading shipping companies has extended trials of graphene coatings to the hulls of its fleet of tankers. Regular readers will know that coating the propellers of 25 of its ships with graphene paint has reduced noise pollution and increased speed efficiency by up to two knots, with consequent energy savings. The sustainability case has been persuasive for investors, and one explains the reasons for funding the graphene company with $10million in Series A funding.

Also on the high seas, Hyundai heavy engineering has announced it is using graphene polymer composites to reduce the noise made by warships and submarines. We expect more announcements about graphene for marine applications this year.

Graphene is key to another compelling project in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Giga Graphene Technologies has signed a deal to supply waterless concrete to the national construction company. This uses graphene to transform waste plastic into a concrete-like building material. The fact that no water is required is not lost on a country that is framed by the desert.
We hope you enjoy the new look, some of the changes are subtle, however the intention is to keep innovating to make our communications to you clearer. We invite you to read on in this fascinating issue and welcome any comments you may have about how we can improve still further.

Adrian Nixon
1st January 2024