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Zen Graphene Solutions (Zen), the Canadian manufacturer of graphene deserves the top mention this month. They are the first graphene company to have conducted proper antiviral tests with Covid 19 Virus (SARS-CoV-2). The laboratory work was conducted by Western University’s ImPaKT Facility Biosafety Level 3 lab (UWO) for virucidal efficacy testing.

Zen made a series of graphene oxide-based silver nanoparticle composite inks. Western University found that these inks “…reduced viral replication (of the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) coronavirus) compared to the no-drug control, potentially reflecting a 25-50% reduction in virus replication.”
The academic paper is not published yet, however Western University reviewed and approved the press release so we can be confident this is real.

Graphene textiles also feature this month. The University of Manchester has announced some of its researchers have developed a graphene material that can control the thermal radiation from textile surfaces. This may find uses from thermal camouflage to heat management surfaces on satellites in orbit. Back down to earth and sportswear manufacturer Ale has developed graphene enhanced clothing that also manages the heat of the wearer. The results are more modest but should improve the comfort of the cyclist by helping control heat and humidity of the wearer.

At the time of writing another trial of graphene enhanced asphalt is being conducted in the UK. A 350m stretch of road in Kent is being resurfaced. Half with the graphene additive and the other half normal asphalt. The county council engineers are also conducting lab trials so this should be a thorough test. Graphene is probably coming to roads in the USA soon, too.

A new invention has been launched by sports cycling company Absolute Black. They have developed a graphene-wax emulsion that seems to reduce friction in the drive train of bicycles. The company has done their technical homework and the results indicate this should make a significant difference over a thousand kilometres of use.

First Graphene has been working quietly in Australia on graphene additives for glass fibre composites. They have found it makes the composite 30% stronger with improved water resistance. This makes it ideal for swimming pool manufacturing because the pools can be made with less materials and the finished product lasts longer so a more profitable product can be made with a longer lasting guarantee.

And of course, we have been working quietly to bring you this latest issue. There is so much more to explore again. I hope you enjoy this latest issue.

Adrian Nixon,
1st July 2020