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Nixene Journal – Clarity from Complexity™

What sets the Nixene Journal apart from other Graphene and 2D Materials publications?

  • The Nixene Journal analyzes graphene research and commercialisation and interprets the work in plain English with straightforward graphics. Scientific facts are the focus. We caution readers when we see hype.
  • The Nixene Journal is about scientific analysis, less about news as this is already reported by free sites. News sites tend to repeat the headlines given to them to generate awareness.
  • With the Nixene Journal, you will gain a deeper understanding of the continuing developments and most importantly, what this means for you.

Industry reps, innovators, researchers and investors find the Nixene Journal to be a reliable, informative and dependable source of graphene information.


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Busy decision-makers appreciate Clarity from Complexity™ in the graphene world

In every publication, each page is devoted to one topic only, providing a clear summary of the technology or business activity.

  • Hyperlinks and references allow you to check the sources
  • Graphics provide a visual summary
  • Nixene-branded images are free for use

The relevance section provides the ‘so what’ – a distillation of why you might need to pay attention to this development.

The navigator on the left-hand side of each page contains information about the markets’ products and applications. This will constantly evolve and help you keep track of the emerging market segmentation.

Nixene Publishing creates clear information products, in plain English, for busy decision makers.

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