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Graphene Commercialisation Report

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Ever wonder who is making graphene-enhanced products and where?

The global graphene-enhanced products manufacturing market is an emerging one, with many claims made for this wonder material that is the world’s best conductor of heat and 200 times stronger than steel.

There is a global race to make graphene-enhanced products in industrial quantities.

At the moment the commercial activity in production of graphene itself is focused on graphene nanoplate products. This is material in the form of powders and dispersions that can be added or coated onto other materials to improve their performance. Graphene can also be produced as a thin film on metal or plastic foil.

We maintain a watching brief on the commercial development of products featuring various forms of graphene. Our current research has identified the organisations worldwide that are capable of producing graphene-enhanced products. This global manufacturing report identifies each manufacturer and the products they are making.

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