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Our Company History

Our company history founder Adrian Nixon seated at a deskOur company history is easily described as humble beginnings.  Adrian Nixon, a scientist and business consultant, began a private research project, providing his scientific analysis. His goal was to create information and understanding about the emerging world of graphene and other 2D materials.

Adrian realized he had discovered a valuable resource in simplifying complex science into easy-to-understand one-page analysis.



As the pace of development activity increased, the  project quickly became a significant regular undertaking.

  • 2013 Published graphene academic papers = 14,600
    • Establishes a base to show the rate of increase
  • 2017  Published graphene academic papers = 25,000
    • Nixene Journal emerged as a subscription only monthly publication,  no advertisements accepted to maintain an unbiased perspective
    • Our company Twitter account was established and Adrian was active on LinkedIn
  • 2019  Published graphene academic papers = 127,546 and the number continues to grow
    • Nixene Publishing firmly established its global leadership in clear, concise, unbiased graphene and 2D materials communication, focusing on science, not hype
    • May: Invited to brief the US Government and policy makers on Capitol Hill
    • December: Briefed graphene industry experts at the National Graphene Institute
    • Interviewed Nobel prizewinning physicist Professor Andre Geim on stage live at the NGI
Another graphene bond is formed between Adrian Nixon and Andre Geim January 2020

Adrian Nixon and Andre Geim at the National Graphene Institute, December 2019

Our clients include Universities and some of the biggest corporate companies in the world. We are affiliate members of the GEIC – the Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre at Manchester University.

In 2020, we expanded industry partnerships to include nanotechnology events and organizations.  Additional social media channels were established to extend our reach and grow a strong network. Quickly gathering followers, we provide variety of content across all platforms: LinkedIn company page, Facebook groups, Instagram, a virtual bookmarking platform, Pinterest, and a YouTube channel.

Nixene Publishing videos have received extensive positive feedback.  As one CEO remarked, the videos have an “ABC style” which explains complex scientific concepts to potential clients. In fact, the videos are so effective for graphene companies, many use our videos as marketing tools.

We seek to continually learn and expand our information products. Ideas or suggestions? Click here to drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you.