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Dr. Chris Griggs Senior Research Physical Scientist

Dr. Chris Griggs – US Army ERDC

Dr. Chris Griggs – US Army ERDC engages in a lively conversation with Adrian Nixon. Chris is a Senior Research Physical Scientist at the US Army Engineer Research Development Center. […]

Kostya Novoselov Nobel prize winner physics

Kostya Novoselov Hackathon insights

Nixene Publishing had the honour of speaking with Nobel prize winning physicist, Professor Sir Konstantin (Kostya) Novoselov. We offer you Kostya’s perspective of the first annual Graphene Hackathon, held November […]

Global Leader in patents Dr. Aruna Zhamu

Aruna Zhamu: Scientist, inventor, record-patent holder

Graphene is known by its attributes and superlatives. The same can be said of Dr. Aruna Zhamu, co-founder of Global Graphene Group (G3): #1 female scientist in the US for […]

Denis Koltsov ISO Graphene video interview

Denis Koltsov ISO graphene interview with Adrian Nixon is lively and engaging – not what you might expect when discussing international standards for graphene. As the Director of BREC Solutions […]

Steve Griffiths interview

Steve Griffiths interview: Graphene in Advanced Materials

Steve Griffiths interview was originally published in the Abu Dhabi Special Edition of the Nixene Journal.  Senior Vice President, Research and Development, Khalifa University Steve Griffiths  is in conversation with Adrian […]

James Baker CEO Graphene@Manchester speaks about graphene entering the Impact Era, pictured in front of the GEIC - Graphene Engineering Innovation Centre

James Baker: Graphene entering the impact era

Graphene entering the Impact Era was the topic of conversation between Adrian Nixon and James Baker, CEO Graphene@Manchester. This article was previously published in the special edition of the Nixene […]

Interview with James Tour

Graphene research and commercialisation: The James Tour interview Professor James Tour is the leading graphene researcher in the USA. His team has made some exciting discoveries in recent years. He […]

Podcast Adrian Nixon interviews Andre Geim January 2020

Adrian Nixon interviews Andre Geim

Adrian Nixon interviews one of the busiest researchers in the world, Professor Sir Andre Geim . Though he rarely gives interviews we have provided this clear audible in the form […]